Unexpected Events

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Cookie checked the carpet, it was dry. He looked at the clock on the front wall. It was 7:30 PM, too late for most to have dinner. The Puffs always got up early so they went to bed right after dark.

He was saddened that there would be no dinner quests tonight at the 'Pickles to Pies ' restaurant. The youth group was so looking forward to their special ‘campfire cook out’ meal, and now it was canceled. It would have been a lot of fun.

“Just one little mistake,” Cookie mused to himself.

Britney's failure to turn the water faucet off, triggered many unexpected events.

“Oh boy,” said Cookie as he looked toward the kitchen., ” What do I do now?, I have a lot of cooked food and no one to eat it.”

“Hi Cookie,” said Pastor Bear as he came through the front door of the restaurant. Pastor Bear had just taken the kid's home from the youth group meeting. He came back to the restaurant to see if he could help Cookie with the wet carpets.

“I see the carpets are dry already,” said Pastor Bear

“Yes, Yes the carpets are dry,” continued Cookie, “I wanted so for the kids to have their ‘campfire cook out.”said Cookie shaking his head.

“Oh my goodness, Little Bear,” said Cookie,” Is Britney ok?”

“Yes, she’ll be ok,” said Pastor Bear.” She clearly learned a lesson tonight.”

” I have so much food that is going to go to waste” said Cookie.

“I thought about that,” said Pastor Bear,” That’s the other reasons I came back.

I wanted to see if I could help.”

“Can you think of anyone that would like the food?,” said Cookie.

“Actually I can,” said Pastor Bear,” as you know I have a monthly meeting with the Pastors in the other Puff Villages.”

“Yes,” I remember that,” said Cookie.

“I was told only this mornin...

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...vels in hand.” Clovis continued,” They will stay here until you are fully dug out from the snow.”

“Oh my goodness,” said Mayor Patrick. “That's wonderful!”

“If you ever need help like this again, do not hesitate to let us know,” He continued," We Puffs have to stick together.” said Clovis

“We want to offer you the same in return, “said Mayor Patrick,” If you ever need help in The Village of Wonder, please call on us.”

“Thank you,” said Clovis, “I will let Mayor Sam know.”

“Isn’t it amazing how God turned Britneys’ mistake, into something wonderful. ”said Dick.

“A men,” they all said together.

“Well, “ said John,” It’s getting dark so It’s time we headed back home. Have your flashlights ready guys!”

“Be safe and thank you!” said Mayor Patrick.” and Dick, it always better if you ‘ride’ the Toboggan down a hill.”

The men burst out laughing!
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