Unethical Behavior Article

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Daniella Vivero
Research Writing
Article # 1
January 19, 2014
“Examining Ethical Behaviors by Business Students”
The article is about examining ethical behaviors by business students. The study of business ethics began in the in the 1970’s influenced by the U.S catholic universities (Freeman 2009). Studies shown links between ethical views during college and behavior in the workforce (Nonis and swift2001a, knots, Lopez and Mesak, 2000). The following points of the article are developing a model for ethical behavior, ethics involving business students, and ethical attitudes of students across several campuses.
The purpose of the article is about the future of business ethics depends on attitudes of the current students who will be the next generation of business managers and government regulators (Ludlum & Moskalionov, 2004). The importance of this line is obvious it explained that the ethical attitudes of current business students indicate the future of moral climate of business (Johns and Strand, 2000). This article is attempting to accomplish the differences betwee...

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