Unethical Advertising: False Claims That Misleads People

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Advertisements became the most powerful tool companies use to create product awareness to audience through which they highlight the product or service benefits. Advertisements seen everywhere around us in magazines, TV channels, webpages and billboards in streets. Advertising is a way that companies and organizations use the media to market their products through to a mass audience. Companies now assign a significant amount of their budget for the advertising sector to drive the sales of their products and services. However, unfortunately, nowadays many organizations neglect the ethical standards when advertising their products. Unethical advertising offends and misleads many individuals in the society; it is an indecent phenomenon that should be banned by law. To begin with, many companies cheaply use women as sexual tools to promote their products and they often stereotype their role as housewives who are shown to be jobless and performing all household work. Recent studies show that “In many advertisements, the ideal woman is an object that exists to satisfy men’s sexual desires. Many researchers have shown that women in advertisements are portrayed as sex objects” (Baker, 2005). Women usually appear as an attractive material standing beside the product to grab the attention of the buyers. The advertising companies distract audience focus by presenting their products in hands of sexy looking females with little clothes covering their bodies. . One example of this is a Hardees advertisement showing the famous celebrity Kim Kardashian in revealing clothes lying on a bed and eating Hardee’s new chicken salad. We can see sexual women in all kinds of advertisements of products from cosmetics and fashion to food and airlines. No logi... ... middle of paper ... ...he clear rules of ethical advertising in order to protect ethnic groups, minorities & gender from any offensive hints and prevent advertisers from claiming false claims that misleads people. Public should also play a role in censoring the advertisements and enforce governments to apply sanctions on advertisers who deviate from the clear rules of ethical advertising. Works Cited Baker, C.N. (2005).Images of Women’s Sexuality in Advertisements: A Content Analysis of Black- and White-Oriented Women’s and Men’s Magazines. Retrieved on 10-4-2014 from http://www.academia.edu/ O'Brien, G. (2011).Marketing to children: accepting the responsibility. Retrieved on 10-4-2014 from http://business-ethics.com/ Mathew, J. (2014). “Novartis Faces Criminal Complaint in Japan Over Exaggerated Advertising of Hypertension Drug”. Retrieved on 9-4-2014 from http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/

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