Unequal Pay Essay

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Unequal Pay for Women
The issue of the wage gap in the United States and other countries has been subject to debate over the years. The main reason for the unequal pay is based on gender differences where women get paid lesser than men for equal work. The unequal pay appears as a form of discrimination against gender. The gender-based pay gap has been a contemporary issue for several centuries where men were considered as family breadwinners and women took over domestic chores. There are several reasons as to why women even in this 21st century still experience unequal pay regardless of the work or tasks performed.
Women’s work is often undervalued as compared to work done by men. Work that requires similar qualifications and trainings appears to be unequally represented by women as compared to men. This leads to the poor pay and undervalue of work conducted by women as compared to work done by men. During appraisals and evaluation, women are rarely represented and are denied some of the benefits based on performance. Work done by women is undervalued
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In the past, women were not as educated as the men which led to the male domination in high-level careers. This led to the stereotype that women are inferior to men in employment, education or success. The traditions considered that a woman’s place was in the kitchen to cook for the husband and take care of the children. The fact is that women are the family caregivers therefore, they “scale back their work hours to care for their families” (Glynne). In some communities and households, women are not allowed to seek other jobs by their husbands or customs. Therefore, the women in such situations only depend on what the husband earns from work. Traditions should change based on the modern economy that demands paid labor for survival through access of basic

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