Undocumented Immigrants And The United States

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Undocumented immigrants are currently affecting Texas in many ways in which the Texas government is forced to handle and not turn a blind eye. Immigrants will continue to come to Texas and diversify the population and politics. With so many undocumented immigrants coming to Texas, the government has to face Dreamers. Dreamers are undocumented students who benefit from the Dream Act and there are many in the state of Texas. Texas also has the largest border bordering Mexico in the south west region, but it also is not the friendliest to immigrants. One of the biggest priorities of the Texas government is to secure the border. Detaining undocumented immigrants is a serious issue to the governor because the governor does not want sheriffs to be soft on immigrants. Ever since Republican candidate Donald Trump brought up the idea to not give citizenship to newborns whose parents are immigrants it has caused a big stir and a county judge made it impossible now for these babies to be citizens. Immigrants are affecting Texas in many ways and the Texas government is trying to find ways to stop immigrants from coming to the state. Paying in state tuition is very important to undocumented students who are trying to earn a higher education. Education should be an equal playing field for all students documented or undocumented but it is not like this. On the table of the Texas Senate there is a bill that would destroy the dreams of many dreamers. Julian Aguilar states, “The legislation, Senate Bill 1819 by state Sen. Donna Campbell, R-New Braunfels, repeals a 2001 provision — signed into law by then-Gov. Rick Perry — that allows some undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities.(Bill)” It is the ... ... middle of paper ... ...ost important stopping immigrants come in to Texas. Aguilar reported, “Greg Abbott, signed a sweeping, multimillion-dollar border security bill hundreds of miles from the Rio Grande” (Abbott). The signature of the governor was the final piece it needed to make the bill official. The governor was also questioned about his decision on signing the bill. Aguilar also reported, “When Abbott was asked by a reporter what problem HB 11 was intended to fix considering crime in the Rio Grande Valley is at an all-time low, he sidestepped the question” (Abbott). Governor Abbot sidestep every question that dealt with laws discrimination immigrants in Texas. The Governor should not be sending troops to the border, the governor should be sending help to the immigrants at the border. These are children, mothers, and fathers who come to Texas to start a new life not to start a war.
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