Understanding the Political Situation in Myanmar

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The Myanmar government had announced its elections results in December 2010. This saw another civil clash between the military junta and civil group which claimed the election result is not fair. The situation in Myanmar has immediate implications for the Southeast Asia region. The international community had criticized the ASEAN for failure to take the adequate steps to in stabilizing the situation in Myanmar. It also have leads to failure of the ASEAN WAY and non – interferences principle.

Key Recommendations

1. opening civil society and a more discerning policy towards Myanmar could improve and opportunity in short term within Myanmar, Within ASEAN members and ASEAN.

2. The potential for a fracture in the junta’s edifice exists and presents one possibility for the emergence of alternative political voices. Increased exposure to more professional militaries and the outside world via ASEAN may encourage the government to consider the opening of civil space.

3. Another possibility is the evolution of autonomous networks and civil space outside the government through the support of international non-governmental organizations.

Problem’s in Myanmar

There also number of regional security questions persists. Concerns include the Myanmar government’s nuclear ambitions and its potential alliance with North Korea; the inability to stem the rampant illegal drug trade; the flow of refugees into neighbouring states; and the potential for instability and civil war in its northern provinces.

The international community is also concerned with on-going human rights abuses in Myanmar. Outside these immediate problems, the international community should also consider the missed opportunity cost of development in Myanmar. The coun...

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...rtant how to engage the higher rank military officers in Military Junta to engage in ASEAN dialogue session to give more professional military idea and values in the way to recommend them to bring changes in Junta administration.

As I mention earlier the ASEAN need to address to stabilize the political situation in Thailand, as it would cause more pressure for Junta administration to reform changes in their political situation. There are also need for the leaders from ASEAN members to sit together in reform to change the principle of ASEAN WAY and non-interference which suits the cold war and post - cold war period but anymore.

In my conclusion the fail to adapt concrete steps in stabilizing Myanmar, will become big obstacle for ASEAN to engage more trade and liberalization growth which will lead to downfall of members economy prosperity and growth in future.
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