Understanding the Codes of Life

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Numbers, or 5342591, are everywhere. The world of numbers expands every year it continues to exist. It diffuses past the very reaches of our imagination too big to even count, no pun intended. Numerology is the study of numbers and how they affect daily lives and situations. The world and all it makes up is made up of numbers, and these numbers help uncover the traits and characteristics of those corresponding to them. “...humankind has always been aware of the forces of cycles and nature. These natural cycles and cosmic rhythms exert an influence on every living organism.” (Crawford) How is everything made of numbers? Well, with atoms, they have corresponding numbers, called their atomic mass. Then each letter, like an atom, can be represented by a specific number as well. The world of numbers came about in the early years of civilization: it was the spark of curiosity that caused the founding fathers of math and science to enlarge this world to what it is today. Numerology is a topic that is said to prove truth or fact, but some may be true while the other parts a little hard to mentally digest. The pseudo science of numerology is old in its age and is still used today; it is also very extensive and intricate in its details and procedures. The origin of numerology dates back to a time long before the striving civilization of todays society. Numerology goes under the large category of personology. Personology is the study of how the stars, numbers, and even a birthday can characterize a person and try to pose a reason behind the actions they take. “...symbols that explore the relationship between humankind and the universe. They [astrology and numerology] give us an indication of our place in the greater plan of the cosmos” (Cr... ... middle of paper ... ...e will study any and all of the most precise operations to find it. Numerology as stated before is the study of numbers to reveal the underlying reasons for the behavior and characteristics of people. The believe in numerology is based on what the person feels so to believe in it or not is up to the individual. There are many different numbers and ways to find out how to get them and what they are. The topic of numerology is like an iceberg, this is only the tip of the plethora of information. So find the numbers and help discover the meaning of life today,whether it is for fun or not is up to you. Works Cited Crawford, Saffi, and Geraldine Sullivan. The Power of Birthdays, Stars, & Numbers: The Complete Personology Reference Guide. New York: Ballantine, 1998. Print. Whitaker, Hazel. Numerology: A Mystical Magical Guide. New York, NY: Barnes & Noble, 1999. Print.

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