Understanding Social Issues

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Sociology can be broken down into many different parts to help understand society. There are four main parts that define the structures of society, which are institutions, social groups, statuses, and roles. If one was to examine the institution of the structure he or she will discover it broken down into five conventional institutions known as family, religion, politics, economics, and education. Most of the worlds social problems stems from brokenness throughout the institutions. Knowing that the make of these institutions are occupied by humanity, and humans are a product of the family the author of this paper believes majority of the all failures within the institutions comes from the family institution. Throughout history studies shows some of the worlds most shocking and horrific crimes were committed by men and women who suffered from traumatic experiences of physical and mental abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse, divorce, and other martial problem during their child hood which cause them to act out in such abnormal and violent behaviors. These experiences are so traumatic is because it affects the social organization of the family causing it to become a socially disorganized which rapidly caused change in the normality of the family. This is possibly one of the most prominent sicknesses within the family institution and it has some way or another affected all four of the other institutions. The author of the paper discovered at least two remedies that can decrease this sickness possibly provide a cure for it, if all complied and agreed. The family is known as a primary group that is of a more intimate setting, therefore most of the time when a family suffers from brokenness they are ashamed to mention so and seek h... ... middle of paper ... ...as difficult children. Each nationality comes with it’s own set of stereotypes. If two nationalities came together producing a mixed raced child the child can possibly grow up experiencing both sides of the stereotypes. This can damage the childhood of the individual causing him or her to feel alienated, lonely, and not respected. Therefore to avoid those negative feelings the creator of this essay finds this topic discussion worthy and feels the option to choose “mixed race” should be a category on the U.S Census and other federal surveys should stand because it helps person of the mixed race community notice they are respected. Works Cited 1) Mills, Charles W. The sociological imagination. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1977. 2) Mooney, Linda A., David Knox, and Caroline Schacht. Understanding social problems. Belmont, CA: Thomson Higher Education, 2007.
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