Understanding Learning Styles: The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

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Understanding Learning Styles
Corey Young
College 100
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Heidi McNally Understanding Learning Styles
The twenty-first century the exponential increase in technology has allowed people to have unprecedented access to seemingly limitless information unlike any other time in human history. Today people from all corners of the globe now have the ability to harness a vast sea of resources at their very fingertips. One of the byproducts of the technological revolution has been the dramatic increase in online, or distance learning, from perspective students looking for a more flexible option to pursue higher education. And although online learning does present a tremendous opportunity for students who may not otherwise
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Gardner’s theory suggested that there are eight learning styles, or forms of intelligence possessed by each individual – all to varying degrees. Gardner postulated that by determining which style was learning was best suited to a particular student, curriculum could then be tailored to fit individual academic needs on a person-to-person basis as opposed to the age old practice of issuing the curriculum, and forcing students to adapt (2009). And although Gardner’s theory identified eight different intelligences, many students find themselves falling into either one of three categories: visual leaners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic…show more content…
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