Understanding Justice and Human Rights

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Justice can be defined as, valuing the diversity and challenging the injustice in society while human rights refer to, benefits an individual enjoys by virtual of being a human being. Justice is said to exist when all citizens share a general humanity and, therefore, experience equitable treatment, fair community resource sharing and human right support. According to justice citizens are not supposed to be discriminated, nor their well being or welfare prejudiced or constrained on the lines of gender, religion, age, belief, race, political affiliation and even sexuality. Nathaniel Bacon was leader who believed in war as a means of obtaining justice and protecting the rights of slaves (Zinn 23). He fought as a rebellion leader against the England and died when the uprising was suppressed. Bacon justice attained justice from the Indians who constantly threatened the whites. They were pushed westwards into the Indian boundary. The human rights do not advocate for oppression as a means of attaining justice in the society. Bacon divided the Indians into small groups with an aim of controlling them. He violated the right to democracy and did not allow the Indians to control themselves. He divided the Indians based on their ethnic background. The Indians formed a gang and attacked a white headman, which resulted to whites declaring war against the Indians, and they killed quite a number of them. According to the whites justice was attained, but the Indians suffered from this warfare as their right to life was interfered. If bacon was alive in the present era, he could divide people according to races, and within the different races, he could encourage vices in ethnicity. Bacon’s AuthorLa... ... middle of paper ... ...f the two articles depict that during slavery different groups’ interpreted justice differently. The group comprising of masters define just in a manner that could qualify as unjust in the modern society. If Bacon was alive, the rights of individuals could be oppressed, war could be a routin in the society and cases of injustices could be high. If colonialism in America existed to the present day, slave trade, racial segregation and injustices could be rampant. Works Cited Douglass, Frederick. "What to the slave is the fourth of July." ouglass 1 (1852): 3.http://teachingamericanhistory.org/library/document/what-to-the-slave-is-the-fourth-of-july/. Zinn, Haward. "A people’s history regarding the of the U.S." Line, persons of vile condition and means 1 (1676): 23. http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/zinnvil3.html

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