Understanding Evolutionary Psychology in an Organization

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Understanding Evolutionary Psychology in an Organization

Organisation consists of managers and their employees striving for

their goals and aspiration. In a work place there is tremendous amount

of disputes and misunderstanding as people interact with each other.

Study of psychology provides important information and insights about

the human behaviour. An understanding of human behaviour is useful to

a manager in maintaining and improving workplace performance.

Personality is a vital tool, which indicates success or the failure of

an individual for that job. " Those relatively stable enduring aspects

of the individual which distinguish him from other people and at the

same time form the basis of our predictions concerning his future

behaviour"(Wright et al, 1970). Managers get to know their employees

even better as personality depicts their habits, interests,

sentiments, ideals, opinions and believes. In addition to this

managers can also judge the level of awareness that employee has

towards his job. Sometimes there are conflicts between ego, superego,

and id. Assessing personality can help managers placing people in jobs

who are compatible with their characteristics. Personality indicates

the individual's way of coping and dealing with life. However,

opposites can be bad, especially if undetected, and not properly

managed in the work environment. Personality predicts how well we do

in terms of "contextual performance" (i.e., commitment,

non-attendance, involvement, dedication, abilities and job experiences

predict task performance better). Cultural differences may impact

personality: may determine one's success in managing cross-c...

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easy to deal with. If employees feel bored or workplace to be

monotonous then probably managers can use colors to induce certain

atmosphere in buildings, design of wallpaper or texture of curtains

may be used to create feelings of spaciousness or coziness. A mangers

perception of the workforce will influence attitudes in dealing with

people and the style of managerial behaviour adopted. The way in which

managers approach the performance of their jobs and the behaviour they

display towards their staff are likely to be conditioned by

predispositions about people, human nature and work for example the

management adopted on the basis of McGregor's theory X and Y.

Managers, however, are responsible for more work and results than they

can accomplish on their own; they are responsible for the performance

of others.
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