Understanding English Grammar: A Study Of The English Language

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Many of us are searching for methods that would help to improve English, because we understand that the language says a lot about a person, and thus will be an indicator of education and character. Competent speech is a clear indicator of how diligent people, as far as he respects himself and others, as far as he is intelligent. Good language plays a very important role when we want to get a job, go to our friends and family. Grammar and vocabulary are the most important part of English language. This subject is studied for many years in each country. To the knowledge of this area of the English language, first of all, you must learn it in school, institutions and universities. Linguistics keeps a lot of nuances and persistent study of…show more content…
In the book ‘Understanding English Grammar. A linguistic approach’ (Wardhaugh, 1995) displays different kinds of propositions. With this book, I remembered various prepositions which can contain a combination of two or three words such as according to, in front of, in relation to. The problem with derivation is not an exception. The derivation is changing the words from one part of speech to another by means of suffixes and prefixes or just to change the category of words (Wardhaugh, 1995). As it written in the book ‘Understanding English grammar: a linguistic approach’ the prefix -anti can change the word 'war ' to 'anti-war '. I cannot say that the problem is not in my texts because it is difficult to study quickly as an international student. But with using the books for improving grammar skills I can achieve excellent results. If one of the Britain looks my essays he can notice a numerous of commas, colons, and semicolons. This issue depends on a many of punctuation in my Russian language. We have a lot of verbal participle phrases and participle phrases. In front of some unions, we need to use punctuation. The first days of using only English I was surprised such a small amount of
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