Understanding Emma

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Emma, who is extremely wealthy and very beautiful and the youngest of two daughters lived twenty one years without a trouble to bother her. She was the mistress of her house in Highbury because her mother died when Emma was very young. The governess of the Woodhouse home Miss Taylor was very close to all three girls but, very close to Emma. Miss Taylor finally decided to marry Mr. Weston, the owner of Randalls. During the wedding her father said that he is extremely upset that Mrs. Taylor married Mr. Weston. Emma admited to her father that she is rather pleased that Miss. Taylor has married Mr. Weston. It was Emma’s idea to get the two acquainted. Emma’s papa asks her to not make any more matches and foretell things, and tells her that everything she says always comes to pass. Emma replied to her papa that she will not make any matches for herself but she must for other people. She told him that matching couples is a great amusement to her. She continues to boast about her success. Her father begs her again not to make any matches and Emma pleaded for his permission to make a match with Mr. Elton. Mr. Knightly who is the elder brother of Emma’s sister’s husband tried to make Emma think that she should not make any more matches and he told her that a man can take care of himself. Mr. Frank Churchill who is the son of Mr. Weston is the talk of the town. He rarely comes to visit his father in Highbury but when Mr. Weston got married, Mr. Churchill attended. Emma had made a friends with a girl named Harriet who is a student at the boarding school, and has made a very good name for herself in the town. The girls would take walks together daily and talk . Occasionally, Harriet talked about a man named Robert Martin, Emma often wondered who he was. Harriet told Emma that she was very fond of Mr. Martin and may marry him. Emma tried to convince Harriet that she should not marry below her social status because she has made a good name for herself here. Emma mentioned Mr. Elton to Harriet and asks her what she thought of him. Harriet admitted that she had always been fond Mr. Elton and found him agreeable. Emma was fixed on putting Mr.
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