Understanding Contemporary Media And Its Impact On Modern Society

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Understanding Contemporary Media The humane natural tendency to communicate is the pivotal link of understanding that connects us to one another, from one generation to the next. The various approaches of communication, in which we socialise to connect with others, have evolved drastically over the years, enhancing forms of contact and changing the structural mechanisms of the social community that allow us to effortlessly and efficiently communicate. From the traditional ink and paper, to the telegrapher, over millenniums, the progressive incorporation of technological devices within contemporary society has led to the notion of the ‘information revolution’, also known as the ‘information age’, that suggests that we are in the midst of a change of our social organisations. The emergence of the ‘information revolution’ has been explained as the “rapidly growing use of mechanisation in production” where “the impact of innovations was spread rapidly through the community” (Land, 2011, pg. 3). Accordingly, as we are subjects to the contemporary information revolution, we are highly entangled with media technology and as a result, many facets of our lives obliviously dependent on it but are we entirely aware of the extent our humanistic lives are intertwined with technology of media influence? How do these progressive changes in technology and the media influence our lives? How does it then come to define our contemporary cultural and social structures? These questions will be discussed in an attempt to develop an understanding regarding the works of Marshall McLuhan and the relevance of the theoretical analysis’ of changing media and to conclude upon the its influences and impacts on todays society. Context And Concepts Media is ... ... middle of paper ... ...3). McLuhan’s theoretical idea of media being extensions to the human faculty thus brings us to the theory that our cognitive senses are working in a way that shapes our perceptions off the medium that the content is communicated and so our perceptions and rational understanding of things are being mediated through technology. Here, McLuhan persists that “the medium is the message” as “it is the medium that shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and action” (McLuhan, 1964, pg. 9). McLuhan’s emphasis on the implications of media guides society to understand the depth of media and communication technologies that are invading our collective ways and patterns of behaviour. Analysing Marshall McLuhan’s transcendent concepts of media induces the understanding of its social and cultural impacts that it has on our society whether we are aware or not.
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