Understanding Computer Hardware and How Input Devices Work

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In this high-technology generation, information technology (IT) had become very important for every human being in this world. As information technology and information systems is very important to business too, so we have to learn IT. But, to become IT genius, we have to know how to access IT with the help of computer. After this lecture, I learn that computer is not that simple as I thought. I also learn different types of computer’s component which very important to access computer.

This lecture also gives information about what is input., what are the input devices, and what is the importance of input devices. After this lecture about computer hardware, I feel that I have neglected the most important element about understanding the computer hardware and how an input devices functions.

What Is A Computer?

A computer is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions kept in its own memory. The computer can accept and process data according, then it produce and save the results for future use (Gary B. Shellly 2012). In short, computer is devices that use to process information. In the help of computer, data or raw fact (input) can be transform into useful information (output).

A computer contains hardware and software. These two components is very important to functioning a computer. Basically, hardware refers to the electronic and mechanical components of computer. Software which also refers as program uses to operate computer. Let’s put our focus on the computer hardware.


Like what I say just now, hardware is the electronic and mechanical components of computer. Without the hardware, computer cannot function well. Some example of these components is input device, output devices, storage device, communication devices and a system unit (Gary B. Shellly 2012). Hardware is important for processing data in computer.

What Is Input?

Input is any data and instructions entered into the memory of a computer (Gary B. Shellly 2012).

Input Devices

An input device is hardware component that allows you to enter data and instructions into a computer (Gary B. Shellly 2012). Input device is a peripheral device. Peripheral devices mean that the components are outside the main computer system unit (Kenneth C. Laudon 2009). Some examples of input device are keyboard, computer mouse, scanner etc.


Keyboard is an input device. It contains keys users press to enter data and instruction into the computer (Gary B.
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