Understanding Cancer

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Cancer is a very serious and complex disease that has probably affected you somehow. While there are treatments like surgeries and therapies, there is no real cure for cancer. There are many causes and risk factors for cancers, yet many are unknown. There is also no way to prevent cancer, which is why it is important to understand cancer’s risks, treatments and consequences before it’s too late.
Aforementioned, there are many causes for cancer like pollutants, UV light, age, genetics, et cetera. But it may be helpful to know which risk factors are most likely to aid in developing certain types of cancer. For example, genetics and age are the main culprits for ovarian cancer while air pollutants, smoke and wood dust can lead to paranasal cancer.
Lifestyle and environmental factors can also have an effect on the cancer. Though it can be difficult to identify which ones cause certain cancers because it may be hard to determine if someone has been exposed to something or not or if something they do is causing the cancer without actually testing it and proving that specific factor cancer causing.
Now that you know some of the risk factors, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from them. Do not smoke or expose yourself to an unnecessary air pollutants. Genetics and age, however, are things you cannot protect yourself from.
Cancer type, location, aggression of the cancer, and which stage you are in will all help determine which treatment will be best for you. Treatments include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapies, biological therapies, and surgeries. No treatment is a guaranteed cure for cancer however, and while there can be advantages to these treatments, there are also some down-sides. The two most comm...

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...bloating and pain of the stomach or pelvic region. You are more prone to this cancer if you are postmenopausal or have never been pregnant.
Cancer is a very serious disease that has many forms, symptoms and causes. Treatments vary and may not always be effective. You cannot prevent cancer but there are many things you can do to help your chances in staying cancer free.

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