Understanding Brayden And His Father Son Relationship

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Having a brave and bright personality mixed with outgoing and persistent personality can be a lot to handle at times but getting to know Brayden as a person was an experience that will be unforgettable. Understanding Brayden could be one of the interesting things that a person can do because you never know what you are going to get with him, which makes it that more interesting. Brayden has some morals that seem to be common sense but to many people they lack. The morals being, honest, brave in any given situation and his wit. Family is one of the essentials in his life. Brayden and his dad have a unique father son relationship, that many young men don’t get were I’m from because they are being raised by single moms. A mom will do what she needs to do to make sure her baby is okay, but truth of the matter is, everyone needs a dad. Brayden’s dad taught him things that he tries to practice in his everyday life. He knows that being honest, and brave in any situation will get him far in life. This is what helped shape and mold him into the person that he is today. When he talks he is very passionate about the subject… most if the time that is. Being able to have an uncomfortable conversation such as race now a day can be very difficult because it’s an uncomfortable topic, but Brayden handled it like a champ where as I was beginning to buckle at the knees because of my own ignorance. He took that time to get educated and learn about the issues that we are having as a country and tilted his head to a different angle. When he does not understand something, he looks for answers and sometimes it can be over barring and uncomfortable but that just makes him who he is as a learner. He’s a pusher and he is very persistent, finding this out ... ... middle of paper ... ...uch easier to access through the internet nowadays because people have gotten lazy and want things right here and right now. In many ways it makes sense because he so sociable and is always willing to learn something new every day, and is willing to teach you a few things as well. Who is Brayden? A famous question that makes a lot of people think. Getting to understand Brayden was a great experience because I got to see a side of that shocked me. He is very passionate about people, learning and his family. Many of these things that I learned shocked me because of the glasses that I put on after we had a disagreement. But when it was time to take them off there was many things that I learned from him. Asking questions and being wrong is okay and he’s not afraid to learn so why should I? He keeps you laughing so there will never be a dull moment when your around him.

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