Understanding Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

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In an emergency situation, securing data is more important than securing money that’s in the building. You can easily recover money lost. But if it’s important data you’ve lost, it may be hard for you to get it back. And the consequences to this can cost you your business. To ensure you have your data protected, it is important to have backup and disaster recovery planning. This will allow your business to make the necessary preparations to protect your company’s most valuable assets in times of emergency situations.
What is Backup and Disaster Recovery?
Backup and disaster recovery are two separate things that go hand in hand. The goal of these two is to protect the company from possible data loss and to ensure business continuity despite of broken down IT equipment and destroyed business resources.
Through backup, relevant files are copied and through disaster recovery these files are made accessible to ensure continued business operations. Although these two components are separate, one needs the other in order to completely fulfil the goal of protecting a company from data loss....