Understanding And Knowing About Yourself

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Understanding and knowing about yourself My three key strengths include attention to detail, numerical reasoning and problem solving. An example where I have used all of these would be my sixth form courses that I did in the previous 2 years before I applied to this university. The Courses that I did were business, IT and science. The science course allowed me to perfect my attention to detail as every solution needed to contain the correct amounts of different ingredients. In one of the workshops that we carried out we needed to make a solution that contained specific amounts of ingredients. One of them needed to be 50ml and the other 25ml. When I saw all my classmates estimate the amounts I grabbed a measuring cup and measured out every drop. This allowed me to make the correct solution on the first try when some of my peers had to try a few times. The business course allowed me to strengthen my numerical reasoning which allowed me to complete the course with no problems. This is also the reason I got interested in an accounting course since the business course included some accounting modules. In the IT course however I needed to use my problem solving skills to make sure that I pass the course and finish all my projects on time. The areas that I need to improve on are Influencing, training and leading. These areas are specific because it is something that would most likely be needed in the profession that I want to go into. I have used these skills before but I wasn’t particularly effective with them. This also happened in my sixth form courses when I needed to create a group presentation with my classmates. When I told my classmates what to do they just ignored me and went on with their conversations. This made it hard for m... ... middle of paper ... ...y afloat. Another career that I could go into is as an auditor. This would also be a good option for me as it also includes the work values that I would want. I will most likely go into the career of a stock trader because it is something that I wanted to do since I applied for the accounting and finance course. The next steps that I need to take in order to achieve my career goals include finishing this course and possibly doing a master’s degree. I will also attempt to do internships over the course of my degree and also a possible year out in industry as my 3rd year. Throughout the next few years I will also be looking at potential employers in my chosen career so when I leave and I know of companies that I can apply to. I will also attempt to apply for internships or part time work at these companies so I can prove to the employer that I would be a good employee.
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