Understanding Alzheimer's Disease

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Understanding Alzheimer's Disease With all of the advanced technology that the medical field possesses today, there is still suffering that occurs from incurable diseases. Alzheimer's Disease is one of those incurable diseases that take the lives of many today. This paper will examine this disease thoroughly by looking at its definition, and discussing general information, facts, and figures. The cause of Alzheimer's Disease, and the much thought about question of if it is genetic or not will disputed. Also the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Alzheimer's Disease will be addressed. Included will also be tips on how to make the life of an Alzheimer's patient easier. What is Alzheimer's Disease? "Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia, a neurologic disease characterized by loss of mental ability severe enough to interfere with normal activities of daily living, lasting at least six months, and not present from birth. AD usually occurs in old age, and is marked by a decline in cognitive functions such as remembering, reasoning, and planning."(Robinson, 1999). A summary of other definitions found in other sources is: Alzheimer's disease is a little known-about, but common, incurable or chronic brain disease that destroys the cells of the brain, and causes gradual loss of mental function and troublesome changes in behavior. The disease is thought to attack the parts of the brain that are responsible for controlling thought, memory, and language. Along with this complex definition comes abundant general information, facts and figures. From the time in which a person first develops symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease to the time of their death is on average eight years, although this time may b... ... middle of paper ...'s Disease Genetics. August 1997. Abstract No. A54116508. National Institute of Health. Alzheimer's Disease: Q&A. January 1991. Abstract No. A16151362. National Institute of Mental Health. Alzheimer's Disease. 1994. Abstract No. A17246636. Norrgard, Carolyn. Behavior Problems Associated with Alzheimer's Disease. July 1, 1999. Abstract No. A55986762. Norrgard, Carolyn. Caregiver Issues with Alzheimer's Disease. July 1, 1999. Abstract No. A55986760. Robinson, Richard. "Alzheimer's Disease." Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. 1999 ed. Abstract No. A54831566. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Alzheimer's Disease: Fact Sheet. September 3, 1993. Abstract No. A14401488. Warren, Tom. Beating Alzheimer's: A Step Towards Unlocking the Mysteries of Brain Disease. New York: Avery Publishing Group Inc., 1991.
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