Under The Spells of Witchery. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow

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Once upon a time, somewhere far, far away, somebody told about witches to the whole world, defining them as healers, wise ones, evil spirits, and shamans. Despite the guesswork, no one ever actually knew who witches were in a real life. What would a witch be like, one from long ago, in an ancient era? Did witches actually brew herbs in cauldrons? Such an obscurity and mystery around these enigmatic people gave a birth to different tales. Some of these conjectures had led to the fact that witches became even scarier than death. Many centuries have passed since the era of witches and magicians, but the stories about them are still alive. Everything in the world has changed dramatically since XII century, when witches were so notorious, but did witches change? Would a hex from the past be different from today’s one? How did the perception of the word 'witch' change? What associations does a modern person have when they hear this word? People, owning dangerous knowledge and skills, have been respected and feared. In the Middle Ages it was considered that a woman becomes a witch by setting up a pact with the devil. In past, as well as nowadays, people have different reactions to the word ‘witch’, but it rarely assigns with something nice and good .In most cases people appoint such words as ‘spooky, old hags, taboo, superstitions, fear’ to witches. People don’t tend to declare themselves witches often. It is interesting to get to know where the word ‘witch’ comes from. In different parts of the world the roots of the word are diverse, but all the meanings are mysterious in some way. Witches are popular among people, that is why there are numerous museums and exhibitions devoted to them. One of... ... middle of paper ... ...d popular among people of all ages. And who knows, maybe sometime, when people are ready to welcome witches to the normal world, witches will not hide any more, and will show their lighter side. Reference list: B. Gregory Lewis (2008) The Witch p. 23, Canada:Sage Press D. Russell (1990). Women in Renaissance and Baroque Prints . Eva/Ave , p.1. I. Bonewits (n.d.) What Does the Word ‘Witch’ Mean. Retrieved June 12, 2011 from Salem Museum official web site (2011) Witches: Exhibit Witches: Evolving Perceptions. Retrieved June 12, 2011 from Sir S. Hill (1996) The Way of the Witch. Renaissance Magazine , p.6. Witch. (2008). Encarta encyclopedia. [CD-ROM] Witch’s Garden. (2010). Witches in Media. Retrieved June 12, 2011, from
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