Under The Rug: Break Into the Pentagon

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No one had ever climbed Mount Everest in 30 minutes, no one had ever dived down to the sea bed in 10 minutes, and no one had ever run a Marathon in 4 minutes. Steve would be the first one to sneak into the pentagon; he couldn’t wait to beat the world record again. Steve hid behind a tree, and purposely shined a stream of light at a nearby guard. The guard caught a flash of light that blocked his vision. Unsure if he should leave his post and go scanned the area or stayed. The guard realized that it’s more important to check if there is anyone who proves to be hostile. He reached back and yanked his assault rifle out; felt the comfortable sensation of the handle and held it firmly in his hand. The guard advanced slowly towards the clusters of trees. “Steve, Steve! Are you there?!” Sally’s voice echoed in Steve’s fragile ears. “Of course, I don’t think it will be a good idea to sleep while these fools are patrolling the area.” Says Steve. “ What! You gave away your position?! Look, we don’t want you to create any unwanted distraction.” Sally’s voice was irritatingly loud. Steve hated that voice. “You know, baby, you’re beginning to annoy me!” Steve protested with a casual tone. The footsteps were pounding the ground heavily. Steve could sense all of the guard’s movements without using his x-ray vision; his exact coordinates. Steve wanted to aggravate Sally over the earphones, but he doesn’t want Sally screaming at him once he returned so he decided not to. Yep, it was me who shined the light and lured this imbecile to me, not because I want any distraction or disturbance which could seriously pose a threat to my mission. But something, some awkward reasons are manipulating me. Steve thought. Unlike other special opera... ... middle of paper ... ...t Hoogeveen. Creating Canada: A history - 1914 to the present. Toronto, ON.: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2010. Ferguson, Will. Canadian history for dummies. Mississauga, Ont.: J. Wiley & Sons Canada, 2005. Hallowell, Gerald. The Oxford companion to Canadian history. Don Mills, Ont.: Oxford UP, 2004. Simkin, John. Financial Cost of the First World War. June 2013. 24 Oct. 2013 . PATH: Financial cost of ww1 Trueman, Chris. Propaganda and World War One. 28 Oct. 2013 . PATH: Propaganda used in world war 1 - History of the First World War - Life at Home During the War. 26 Oct. 2013 . PATH: ww1 Canada economy
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