Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin has been explained as being a history of harmful acts towards Blacks in America for a period of a hundred and thirty years (Stowe, “Nineteenth”). 51).The book Uncle Tom’s Cabin was one of History’s favorite books (Stowe, “Nineteenth” 1). It talks about how Tom would do anything for the white man (Stowe, Uncle 1). The southerners did not give Harriet Beecher Stowe and credit for writing the book (Piacentino 1).
Uncle Tom showed a lot of Christianity in this book, but the master showed no Christianity at all (Stowe, Uncle 1). Among the slave owners they used racial stereo types among the blacks and the women (Piacentino 1). The women in this book were treated badly (Foster 1). Some women did not like the way the slave owners had treated their slaves (Hada 1).
In this book the slave women and also the slave owners wives were also forced to marry lovers that they did not love (O’ Connor 1). As in this book Uncle Tom decides to forgive all the wrong he has done and turn to God (O’ Connor 1). Uncle Tom decides to learn to the Bible and take advantage of that by writing letters to his kin (O’ Connor 1). Tom often fells that he should pass done his beliefs in God which makes him feel that he is (Yagmin 1). That is the reason Tom had prayer meetings to keep them on top of their Christianity in top shape (Yagmin 1).
The slaves finally had a reason to keep on moving despite the suffering they had to go throw to help them go on (Yagmin 1). When ever Tom sees a slave suffering he would start to tell then about God (Yagmin 1). In the book Tom tries to get every body around influenced on prayer (Yagmin 1). When knowing that St. Clare was not a christen Tom would pray that St. Clare would convert to Christianity (Yagmin...

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