Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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In Uncle Tom's Cabin, Stowe is trying to show the people that a blending of Christian values and politics will help change and unite the nation. According to Professor Eric Sundquist, “the novel was revolutionary in demanding that the sacred and secular realms be united, that the role of God be reinserted into an American political system that paid lip service to Christian ideals and constantly invoked them in its discourse but failed to act upon them seriously.” Stowe believes that transformation could occur through the power of Christian love. It would not be enough to just change the laws for the people to change their views that have been instilled in them for generations. The people have to change their views to respect and love one another no matter their race or gender so we could come together to become better nation.
The abolitionist wanted to end slavery and give the slaves their rights as an equal American. They believe that slavery was a sin and it "contradicted the values enshrined in the Declaration of Independence." (Foner 466) The movement had a chance to expand due to the development of technology and the increase of literacy. Many pamphlets, articles and books were published to help spread the abolishment of slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin was a book that Stowe wrote in this time period to promote the abolishment of slavery. In the novel she explicitly expresses that slavery is evil and the power of Christian love could end it. After the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850, Stowe found it ironic that it mandated "people in the free states to act in violation of the conscience of a Christian." (Brown 1331) Stowe felt that anybody could pass a law, but a "true" Christian would and should not be able to obey it. This is why Sen...

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...g himself he managed to save escaped slaves and freed all the slaves on the Shelby's plantation. Eva was beyond her years but managed to do so much in the time she was here. She loved everyone just the same and saw no differences in any of God's people. Till the day she died she was spreading the word to love one another. She touches many lives in her short life. Even after death Eva made a huge impact on people's lives; Miss Opehlia and Topsy use Eva's Christian love as an example to live by.

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