Uncle Tom's Cabin Movie Review

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The movie Uncle Tom's Cabin is a movie that moves many people. This is a movie that displays Harriet Beecher Stowe's immortal classic of an American literature. Also Uncle Tom's Cabin is a book that Abraham Lincoln credited with the starting of the civil war. Uncle Tom's Cabin is the eyewitness story about the slavery in the Deep South. Although Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the book in 1852 the release of this book and later the movie were one of the few that told of the hardships crossed with the old ways of slavery.

In the beginning of the movie Uncle Tom's Cabin it shows how the slaves were bought and sold. Although some of the southern plantation owners treated their slaves with respect and like normal people, these owners were much less common. Then the other slave owners, who beat, raped and abused their slaves. This is a shocking movie that portrays the way that most slaves were treated. The main character Uncle Tom firsts lives with a kind family named the Shelby's. Tom is then sold along with 9 other male slaves because the Shelby's have run into a debt and in order to clear their name they must sell some of their slaves. A man named Simon Lagree bought Tom along with the others. Mr. Lagree was a slave trader that is very cruel to his slaves. He also buys a small male child so that he can also have the child's mother named Eliza. Simon Lagree wants to own the child because he was going to make the mother Eliza his mistress. Even though she was married to another slave, he will do whatever it takes to have Eliza. Being that the Shelby family respected and loved their slaves like family, Mrs. Shelby told Eliza what was going to happen and made her runaway with her baby boy. Aiding in this getaway she ga...

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...nd stay in their barn thinking that Simon would never find out, which he did not. Knowing that bad things will happen to the slaves, Uncle Tom encourages them to runaway. Saying "God helps those, who help themselves." The slaves flee and they break the damn that is holding water back from the cotton fields. This destroys all of the cotton that was on the plantations. Simon and his crew find the slaves in a religious compound and try to fight. Cassy takes Eliza and her son to the compound and is then shot by Simon. But Eliza is finally reunited with her husband who is now freed. After finding out what happened with the cotton fields Simon and his crew leave to try to salvage the cotton. Tom on the other hand is left in the now burning house to die. Mr. Shelby's son George who had grown up with Tom finds him and spends his last dying moments with him.
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