Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Few things in life are more powerful than words. Effectively said or written in the right moment, words can have the power of a hurricane on people’s minds. Frequently words happen to be underestimated; however, through the years powerful literature has lead humans in certain direction. The most encouraging book in the history of the United States of America is “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” that somehow prepared the groundwork for the Civil War resulting in the abolition of slavery. When President Abraham Lincoln met Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of this powerful piece of literature, he declared: "So this is the little lady who started this Great War.” Stowe’s portfolio includes other literary work such as: Agnes of Sorrento, The Pearl of Orr's Island, The Chimney Corner, The American Woman's Home, and We and Our Neighbors.
Uncle Tom’s Cabin is an anti-slavery novel published in 1852 with the intention of project the evils of slavery through its characters. Uncle Tom is a Christian, faithful, and honest slave that was sold to clear up his master’s debts. Eliza is the slave and personal maid of Mrs. Shelby that decided to escape to the north after discover that her son Harry was sold with Uncle Tom to Mr. Haley. Evangeline is introduced in the work when Uncle Tom rescued her from drowning. After this she begs her father to buy Uncle Tom who later spends most of his time with her. Simon Legree a slave owner who not only tries to demoralize Uncle Tom and break his belief, but also represents the antagonist projecting evils such as abandoning his sickly mother and sexually exploiting Cassy. Other characters are Mr. Shelby a kind slave owner and Tom's master in Kentucky. Mrs. Shelby represents the religious and kind woman and wife of that...

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...raged them to change their life for better. Even though St. Clare had promised to emancipate Toms, his wife disobeyed his vows after he died and sold Tom to Simon Legree. The extreme physical mistreat and cruelty almost make Tom to refuse his beliefs; however, he had two visions of Jesus and Eva that renews his Christian faith. At the end of this third part the two men that killed Tom became Christians. The final part of the book showed how Cassy and Emmeline succeed in their escaping, reaching Liberia, after travelled Canada and France. George Shelby returned to Kentucky and freed all his slaves encouraging them to become Christian and to thank Uncle Tom for their freedom.
Uncle Tom’s Cabin has been a truly important part of American Literature and History that reflects the inhuman condition of slave and the will of men to be better people through Christianity.