Uncle Tom's Cabin

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The book Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe starts off in Kentucky. A Kentucky farmer, Arthur Shelby is in debt and being forced to sell a few of his slaves. One of the slaves goes by the name of Uncle Tom, a slave that Mr. Shelby truly trusts. The other is a young boy Harry, whom is Mrs. Shelby's servant, Eliza's son. Eliza overhears Mr. Shelby discussing his plans to trade with slave trader Mr. Haley. She then warns Tom and his wife of the trade, but Tom refuses to flee and is taken by Mr. Haley. Eliza, however did not want to lose her son and flees. Mr. Haley follows the mother and son, but is unsuccessful in capturing them when they cross the Ohio River. Mr. Haley does not give up though. He then hired two slave-catchers to try and capture Eliza and Harry. Before leaving Kentucky for New Orleans with Tom, Mr. Haley then purchased more slaves. While on a ship headed for New Orleans one of these slaves commits suicide because Mr. Haley sold her infant.

Some time later, Eliza's husband, George Harris, who escaped slavery when his master told him he must marry another woman and never see Eliza again, discovers of his wife's escape. He then sets out to find her. George and Eliza are rejoined eventually and prepare for their escape to Canada.

In the meantime, Tom while on a Mississippi river boat meets a young girl named Eva St. Clare. The little girl ends up falling into the river and is saved by Tom. Eva then requested that her father purchase Tom. Mr. St. Clare does so and takes him back to his plantation. Tom ends up forming a close relationship with Eva. Eva learns a lot from Tom about Christianity and comes to hate slavery.

At this time George, Eliza, and Harry are forced to quicken their journey because the slave-catchers were closing in on them. George ends up shooting one of them, a man by the name of Loker. The rest of the slave-catchers flee. Being the good-hearted Christian Eliza was, she insisted they take Loker to be treated.

Back in New Orleans, after about two years, Eva had become very ill and was dying. She makes her father promise to free Tom after her death and to make provisions to protect the rest of his slaves from being sold in case something happened to Mr.
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