Uncle Sam's Educational Woes

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America’s greatness can be evaluated through many aspects and opinions, though one could not simply credit all of the United States great accomplishments to just one factor. There have been many numerous benefactors that have been responsible for this country’s growth, success, and lengthy prosperity. One of these factors has been our great ability to fight our way through destructive adversity. No matter what, through thick and thin, America has proved to be one of the greatest nations in the world regardless of what or how much adversity it has faced throughout its incredible two hundred thirty-seven year history. Some of this adversity our country has faced has included several hard fought and meaningful (some not so meaningful) wars to protect our and in some cases, other nation’s freedoms. Not all adversity has always been military related though. Ever since day one of the United States, there has been and always will be hotly debated social issues. At times these issues have seemingly come ever so close to destroying this nation like what was witnessed with the Civil War but through the American people’s great persistence, they have always found their way through these troubling problems. In today’s American society, there are many social issues just like usual. Some are old issues that have been around for many years, even decades and then there are generally new and more recent topics that have many millions of American citizens in an uproar. If someone were to think of as many issues as they could just off of the top of their head, it would not exactly be the hardest thing to do. Nowadays, the main debatable issues appear to be as follows; gun rights, gay rights, global warming, legalization of marijuana, illeg...

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...thfully, you should the right and the liberty to be able to choose what classes you would like to enroll in similar to what they do in all colleges around the United States and even the world. If someone is just being thrown into a class like what happens in every high school across the country, it is very likely that subject for a few reason and therefore have a less likely chance of succeeding in that class if they do not exactly have any interest in that topic. This is all being spoke in hypothetical terms, but all in all, this is how the majority of high school students feel about the classrooms that they are just being thrown in without any say. Most people would obviously agree that anyone would be more likely to perform up to their true potential in a subject in which they chose to take part in and study rather than something they had been forced to take.
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