Uganda's Anti-gay Laws

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There has been an increase of gays all over the world in the last few generations. Some countries have become accepting to it, but others are not having any of it and Uganda, a country in East Africa, is one of them. Uganda has passed severe laws for an anti-gay country. Some laws as severe as life in prison or death sentence. The U.S. should step in and act as an International police force before things get too out of hand because nobody should be put to death or spend lifetime in prison for being who they are. Uganda began to see gay rights as a problem. Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, is disgusted with the outbreak of homosexuality in his country and he wants LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) extinguished. Museveni believes that homosexuality was “provoked by arrogant and careless western groups that are fond of coming into our schools and recruiting young children into homosexuality” (Walker 30). Critics of the Legislation thought differently. They believed that homosexuality itself wasn’t brought upon from the West, but instead it was homophobia that was imported from them. In 2009 a group of American Evangelicals held many conferences in Uganda to talk about “Gay Movement” (Walker 30). All of this was led by Pastor Scott Lively. Lively apprised the audience saying that “homosexuality sought to prey upon and recruit Ugandan in an attempt to defeat the marriage based society” (Walker 30). In 2009, after the American Evangelicals came to speak, the first Anti-Homosexuality Bill was introduced. This was “promoting a global outcry from those who condemned the legislation and affirmed the dignity of LGBT Ugandans” (“Ugandan President”). A Ugandan MP introduced the first draft of the bill. It included a... ... middle of paper ... ... it. American troops should step in and help. No one should be thrown in jail or put to death for being who they are. It is not fair. Works Cited A Different Perspective on 'the Family' and Uganda. Philadelphia: National Public Radio, 2009. ProQuest. Web. 21 Mar. 2014. "A gay in Uganda; David Kato." The Economist 12 Feb. 2011: 96(US). Student Edition. Web. 4 Mar. 2014. MUHUMUZA, RODNEY. "Uganda Passes Tough New Bill Against Homosexuality." Spartanburg Herald - JournalDec 20 2013.ProQuest. Web. 29 Mar. 2014 . Oates, Lauryn. "Gay activist calls for international pressure." Herizons Summer 2011: 8+. Student Edition. Web. 29 Mar. 2014. "Persecuted in Uganda." America 23 Dec. 2013: 4. Student Edition. Web. 4 Mar. 2014. Walker, Tim. "How Uganda was Seduced by America's Anti-Gay Evangelicals." The Independent: 30. Mar 15 2014. ProQuest.Web. 26 Mar. 2014 .

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