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Today , news reporting is a very important problem because every minute a lot of

significant things happen around the world. Then, there are many ways to report the news but

all of them are slow to inform the people out of the Internet. For this reason, it is a platform

that does not need so many preparation to distribute the news around the world in comparison

with other ways of news reporting. Considering that all news could be reported with pushing

only one button thanks to the internet. Thus it is essential that the internet is a very important

positive development for news reporting.

First of all, the internet provides the easiest way of publishing and updating news reports to

everyone. Considering the publishing issues there is a huge popularity and technology about

the internet.Then it means that todays leaset developed mobile phones could access the latest

news because of the internet and its facilities. (Sanger, 2010). But there is a point

that you are not only get informed about news just having a device that could access the

internet, you may also get informed by the people around you due to most of the people can

access to the internet. Then this proves that everyone get informed and interpret the news with

each other. Besides updating the news is important. Due to publishing facilities recorrecting

news adding the last changes to news are so easy. Because of the dynamic platform of the

internet,it is the most efficient and positive development for news reporting. (Sanger , 2011 par.2)


Secondly The internet does not require money to read news and it is convenient in order to reach the

news whenever you are. Most of the people around the worl...

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follow the news websites and they get (or increase) the meaning of their world view and join

the news reporters on the internet. MORE DEVELOPMENT!!!

All in all, internet has lots of significant importance about a lot of issues. It is clear that the

internet is a positive development for news reporting.

Due to the internet's effectiveness and

facilities for news reporting, everyone can contribute to this development because of the

internet's dynamics. But if the internet restricted in the future, everything about the news will

never be as before due to dynamism of it. If everyone's interests about the news on the internet

every country,every company will grow up and more effective than its older situation again

due to dynamism of the internet. Therefore we need the internet and the internet need us for

being in a continus positive development.


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