USA National Security Goals

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USA National Security Goals Because of its role as a (if not the) major world superpower, the United States must carefully consider its national foreign policy goals. Although they may be carried out very differently from administration to administration, the primary goals of American foreign policy (in their most general senses) are most effective when they remain constant over time. Historically, the United States has pursued a number of foreign policy goals, but one goal has been and continues to be a primary goal of every generation: national security. Why is the pursuit of national security—the protecting of territorial integrity, including American values, lives, property, and way of life--essential to U.S. foreign policy? The Realists point to several factors that demonstrate the importance of national security. They begin by declaring that humans are naturally aggressive and instinctively fight one another. This human tendency reveals the inevitable nature of war; thus, it also clearly points to the need for strong national security to protect oneself in times of such aggression. The Realists also point out that the world system is anarchic and that states are the only real actors in world politics. According to the Realists, because states (especially the most powerful) are the actual decision makers in intergovernmental organizations, the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and other U.S. alliances act only according to the ideas of the United States and other powerful countries. These entities do not make real decisions without U.S. approval and, thus, act simply as extensions of U.S. foreign p... ... middle of paper ... ...nt demonstrates a country’s need to protect its territorial integrity amidst world anarchy, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs illustrates the important role of fulfilling safety needs in order to self-actualize, and recent attacks on U.S. soil reveal the real threat to American national security that remains today. If the United States is to continue to be a world superpower, it must ensure that American values, lives, property, and way of life are in no way undermined. One can see that making national security its primary goal in foreign policy will help the United States make certain that it continues to be a formidable force in world politics. --------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] All information on Maslow’s hierarchy is from a Yahoo word search: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
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