URS Leadership Case Study

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A project leader is currently facing a dilemma that is causing conflict on one of the company’s test support teams. Team member “A” is having a conflict with other team members, and is also in disagreement with the project leader. Under what is considered normal operations, there would be plenty of work that the project leader could allocate to the various team members. However, there is one project that is coming to a close and the workload has reduced immensely. The purpose of this paper is to discuss a current URS workplace conflict and the techniques which can be used to arrive at a resolution and the potential impact on the organization. The URS project leader met with the team members and informed them that work will be slow for the next couple of months and there will not be enough work for each…show more content…
The URS organizational culture and customer support strategy are based on building, training, and implementing effective teams to accomplish tasks. Team work and cohesion, which are paramount within URS, describe elements of the employees’ cultural norms; therefore, team members work closely together to get the job done and are very supportive of one another. The team sizes may vary based on the task; however, each team member has been crossed-trained in various skills allowing the project leader to evenly distribute the workload when necessary. Thus, very seldom is there a situation when one team member is overwhelmed, or required to work an excessive number of tasks unaided. Nonetheless, in this situation, team member “A” is willing deviate from the norm - and not share the workload - because it will mean reduced work hours and pay for each team member. Conflict in the workplace is inclined to surface sooner or later, and this situation has put the project leader in a position to make a command decision and move

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