UNC Chapel Hill or Wake Forest University

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UNC Chapel Hill or Wake Forest University I would like to get a teaching degree from a university. The two universities that I really love are UNC Chapel Hill and Wake Forest University. When comparing UNC Chapel Hill to Wake Forest I find they are both similar, yet different. Looking at cost of tuition, the number of students, graduation rate, location, admission rate, room and board, financial aid, and flexibility for both universities it will help me decide which college I would most likely attend. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to attend UNC Chapel Hill. The only problem with going to a big university is the money and maintaining a certain grade point average. Chapel Hill is located near Raleigh, Durham which takes approximately four hours to get there from my house. I found out that “UNC is the only school on the list to meet 100% financial aid.” Knowing that they meet financial aid 100% almost makes me think I have a chance on going to Chapel Hill. According to college stats in-state tuition would be approximately $5,340; however, out of state tuition wo...

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