UGA Cooperative Extension Case Study

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Upon its inception, the University of Georgia (UGA) Cooperative Extension’s primary focus was educating the public in the areas of agriculture and home economics. Today, the UGA Cooperative Extension has expanded their areas of focus to include, agriculture, environment, families, food, health, lawn and garden, and youth, through their extensive 4-H program. The UGA Cooperative Extension acts as a liaison between the university and the community it serves, by providing research based education in the areas mentioned above in the form of publications, educational sessions, and public outreach (UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, 2015). My reason for selecting this practicum site over others, is that it paired well with my interests. I am very interested in the environment, and the relationship between the environment in which we live, and our health. Since I am considering pursing a career in education at the collegiate level and the focus of the Cooperative Extension is education, the UGA Cooperative Extension seemed like the best fit compared to other sites I was considering. On a personal level, I am also very interested…show more content…
I then handed out and discussed the contents of the newsletters with members of the community at the Southern Women’s Show and at a Savannah Technical College information session. One of the gardening pieces that I wrote in the Spring 2016 newsletter was actually featured in the Savannah Morning News Chatham County Connection in mid April. At the end of my practicum, after having the opportunity to attend and assist during different educational sessions taught by Extension staff members and see different presentation and teaching styles, I was able to present my information about mold during a homebuyer educational session held at the Garden City Public

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