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UFOs "Little Green Men", "Martians", "Outer Limits" ! That is what people think about when aliens and UFOs come to mind. Aliens have been around, as far as we can see, since 1561. The question is now asked, How come because they [UFOs] have been sighted, encountered, and taken hostage; Why have we been kept in the dark by our governments? "Since UFOs were considered a security risk, the report on these sightings was originally classified as secret (Kadrey 22)." The name 'flying saucer' was 'coined' by a Air Force pilot in 1947, when he stated that he had saw something that looked like a 'flying saucer'. "The government knew about UFOs and have been tracking them since 1947, which is to be believed when the 'Age of UFOs' started (Stacey 55). So, through the next pages the theory that UFOs are real because of evidence the government has covered up, the number of sightings, and the uncountable number of abductions, will become a reality. The first reason that is going to be addressed, is the secrecy and Government coverup of UFOs. "National Security Agency, or NSA, an acronym often assumed by insiders to mean 'NEVER SAY ANYTHING' , (Stacey 40) " has been blamed for millions of UFO governmental cover-ups around the nation. "Our problem is with government secrecy, because it widens the gap between citizens and the government, making it much more difficult to participate in the democratic process (Stacey 40)," says Steven Aftergood while addressing UFO secrecy. The UFO enigma, or as it is formerly know as the "'Cosmic Watergate' : the ongoing cover-up of the government's knowledge about extraterrestrial UFOs and their terrestrial activities (Stacey 36)" is believed to be started during the Nixon administration, which is still under alot of scrutiny. The Nixon Administration also established the Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] in the 1970s', it opened the door to alot of truth and more coverups. " I don't think they would do a 300-page report on everything they detect," says Joe Stefula who is a UFO researcher. The "military would far rather have people blame such things on flying saucers than them (Brookesmith 14). " Several secret UFO Projects ... ... middle of paper ... ...ng taken back aboard the UFO and flown (with her car also aboard) back to the site of the abduction. (Brookesmith 108) " In conclusion, I believe that UFOs, Aliens, EBEs, or whatever you call them; do have the key to our future in the existence of mankind. Although, secret pacts with our governments may not exactly get what we want, we can fight back. Lets jump back for a second and ask ourselves a question now: What if we were in the same predicament, wouldn't we want ourselves to be healthy too, and take what we need? If we look at the aliens actions from their perspective, what they are doing is exactly what we are doing to ourselves by destroying the o- zone layer. So why can't they do the same to us? I feel that the thesis to prove the existence of UFOs as stated that Government coverups do pose a threat to the truth and national security of our country, UFO sightings and abductions do pose a threat at this time and we must be ready at all odds to expose the Government and The aliens. The End.

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