UCAS Personal Statement

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For me, there is nothing more fascinating than learning, about anything and everything. Academics have always held a foremost position in my life, not because of any pressure from my parents or society, but because I actually want to be doing everything I can to learn every day. My education is the biggest investment in my life, because I truly believe that power derives from knowledge. In my opinion, there are no boundaries to how far education and knowledge can go. There’s always another topic to delve into, a concept to explore further, or another perspective to consider. That is why, for a long time now, I have wanted to study in a foreign country to expand my exploration into learning. It would be an eye-opening opportunity to go to school in a different country, immersed in a new, dynamic culture. England possesses a culture that has appealed to me, ever since the first time I visited. It has such a rich background, which I want to explore every aspect of. Studying in England would give me the chance to immerse myself in its culture and history, a pursuit I’m very passionate a...
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