UAE Food Crisis

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The food crisis in the UAE is a developing issue that is directly related to the economic crisis. The food crisis isn’t as severe as it can be although it has affected the poverty stricken communities. The lack of agriculture and high prices of imported food has made it difficult for the poor communities to afford the food. The food crisis is just not related to non-availability of food, it is also related to the worsened quality of food. The unhealthy food is making its way in the market as there is an absence of healthy food in the country. The UAE although has a lot of unused agricultural potential. The food crisis is also affecting the livestock business. These effects have made the UAE an unstable region with lots of uncertainty. The UAE…show more content…
The price of food has also gone up and people are finding it hard to buy healthy certified food. The UAE consumes a huge amount of food and it is having a negative effect on the environment. The Arab countries in general are increasing their food budget as they have to import more and more healthy food. Apart from the diseases and malnutrition, the unhealthy food has caused some medical conditions that are hard to address such as obesity. It has been found through research that obesity is also related to food insecurity in the region. The adolescents are the ones who are suffering the most from this food crisis in the region. The food crisis has also made some communities frustrated as they feel that the government is not helping them to overcome the crisis. The food imports are just a temporary solution and many people are demanding that the government should invest in a long term solution instead. The conditions of the food crisis are somewhat limited in the region as the government has a lot of monetary resources to overcome the crisis, however due to economic uncertainty these resources have a high risk of being exhausted in a decade. The UAE is a developed country, and it has developed recently in the past decade. The food crisis is mostly…show more content…
The development and prosperous life in UAE will be short lived if these conditions keep getting worse. The food crisis is often unnoticed by individuals visiting UAE as they’re not being effected from it. The GCC countries in general are the largest importers of food in the world and they are also one of the largest consumers of food items. These conditions have not developed in a day or two the gulf region developed so quickly that the need of food was covered by its monetary resources but after the economic crisis of 2007-08, the people discovered how devastating a prolonged crisis would be. The food supply can cease even in the bigger cities if the capital to buy food is simply not available. These conditions are also being noticed by the government as they are realizing that it’s a national threat for the country. The basic food items like grain are also being imported, but the country produces some of its own grain that is not nearly sufficient for the whole country (Woertz,
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