U.s. Government Assistance Programs

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In the world today, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a place to relax, sleep, or simply live. These people are considered homeless. What is it like for these people to live on the streets every day? Or to live in and out of shelters? Most government officials seem to think that shelters are the most reasonable solution, next to government assistance programs. However, the current government assistance programs are basically all messed up. The government have people with luxury cars, smart phones, and designer clothes in Section 8 housing, but have people without food, water, and no clothes living under a bridge. That is the world that we live in today. How is that in any way fair? Obviously, the system that the government is running is completely bogus. As for shelters, they are limited. People in big cities have to stand in lines for hours, just hoping that the shelter will have room for them. Overall, homelessness has become a major problem, which makes it a consistent challenge for government officials to find solutions to this problem. According to “Complicated Problems, Complicated Solutions? Homelessness and Joined-Up Policy Responses,” from Social Policy & Administration, “Moreover, it is the extremely complex nature of this issue that not only causes definitional problems but, ultimately, muddies the political debate and leads to confusion in relation to service provision, notably just which agencies should be engaged” (Roche 761). Although, homelessness will not just disappear, these following solutions can help to reduce the problem. A first solution would be for the government to start paying closer attention to the homelessness population. Using a system called, HUD PIT, will help for them to get a better unde... ... middle of paper ... ...d be the best solution overall. The HUD PIT system makes it easier for government officials to keep track of homelessness as a whole, because the system that they have going now is corrupt and just not working. It is not in the best interest of the people at all, because people who do not need help with housing, is getting the help. Yet, the people who do need the help, cannot even get in a shelter at times. It helps them to know what locations that this issue is primarily at, gives them an approximate amount as to how much it would cost them to fix this issue, and gives an approximate number of homeless people in these areas. Due to the extent of the knowledge that the system possesses, HUD PIT would contribute more and be more beneficial to homelessness. All of the above solutions and even the current solutions to homelessness can benefit in some way with HUD PIT.
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