U.S. Government's Involvement with 9/11

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In “Bush’s War of Terror, Cover Up,” Deanna Spingola explains how Bush and his administration had knowledge, maybe involvement, within the 9/11 attacks. Spingola states, “There were procedure failures on 9/11 that could only have occurred if there was complicity from the highest levels of government.” With all that negligence from the government, no one was ever disciple for the intelligence failure. After 9/11 there were more promotions seen within the government. Prior to the attack, air traffic control routinely and without complication pass all protocols 67 times before new convoluted order. Spingola didn’t understand why there was an new order inserted were the Secretary of Defense would put into the decision making and action protocol. There were war game exercises, scheduled to take place the morning of September 11 at which this made the government reaction time slower then usual. Bush was fighting the conspiracy war at the same time the Iraq war. Spingola states, “Bush and his minions claim to be genuine patriots. So either we support their words and actions or we are vilified as unpatriotic.” Bush had a dictator attitude when it came to his reasoning for war. He felt he did not have to justify or answer to anyone’s questions for his reasons. Bush let Americans believe some of the conspiracy theories in order to shift the blame away from his administration. Instead of finding the most qualified skilled individual to lead the investigation on the 9/11 attacks, Bush appointed an individual who has been under fire with the government before. Henry Kissinger, a man whose been investigated for his secretive activities and tried for war crimes, was now called to investigate the biggest crime against America. It took Bush over...

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...age. The government need stop blaming other countries for their own terrorist actions. Their needs to be a full open investigation into the government war on terrorist headed by an investigator chosen by the American people. The American citizens need to stand for what they feel is morally right and not what they are told to stand up for.

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