U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Taiwan

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The American foreign policy affects everyone in some type of way, shape or form. After all, all actions and decisions made by our nation have both positive and negative consequences on its citizens. A controversial issue or nation so to speak that the United States has been dealing with and is currently dealing with today is Taiwan. Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, faces several elements implicated by the U.S. foreign policy. The first element of American foreign policy is that the United States only recognizes one China. Whether it’s the China to the left of the Strait or the Taiwan to the right, it is up to both sides. The second element of American foreign policy is that Washington encourages dialogue between the two sides but will not apply pressure to either side ("U.S. FOREIGN POLICY TOWARD TAIWAN", 2001).

Not just Taiwan, but the United States advocates for issues to be resolved peacefully. Any hostile action against Taiwan would be considered a danger to the Western Pacific harmony and safety. The fourth element in the American foreign policy is in accordance with the Taco Rebel Act ("U.S. FOREIGN POLICY TOWARD TAIWAN", 2001). The fifth and final element in the American foreign policy is in terms of Taiwan’s international space. International space in this context means the United States is offering support to Taiwan in ways where the condition of statehood is not needed and when Taiwan’s opinion is trying to be perceived in organizations where it is unable to gain membership (Taiwan, n.d.). The American foreign policy toward Taiwan includes several elements but also is based on several things as well. It is based on the three Communiqués and the historical context that has led Taiwan to where...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that mao zedong and his communist party gained control of mainland china when they defeated the government of chiang kai-shek. the united states kept relatively close relations with taiwan, also known as the republic of china.
  • Explains that the shanghai communiqué was signed by henry kissinger and chou en-lai and pledged china and the united states to work towards normalizing their relations, expanding "people-to-people contacts" and trade opportunities.
  • Explains that the normalization communiqué was announced by president jimmy carter and went into effect on january 1, 1979.
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