U.S. Fights the War on Drugs

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The United States has been fighting the war on drugs since 1971 when Richard Nixon declared the name “War on Drugs”. What does “War on Drugs” mean? What is the cost to taxpayers? What is the Obama administration doing about the “War on Drugs”? What countries are the drugs coming from and going to? What are the solutions that we as a nation should be thinking and implementing? Is Decriminalization of drugs the answer to the problem? The drug problem in the United States is almost impossible to control, but maybe with combined efforts of the different leaders of nations involved can help end the devastating corruption of the drugs wars. Who knows? The name “War on Drugs” was a campaign initiated by Richard Nixon in 1971, to battle the increasing problems drugs that were affecting the national public in the United States. This campaign included prohibition, distribution and consumption of illegal drug use and was declared as “public enemy number one”. Resources from the federal government were used for the prevention of drug addicts and for their rehabilitation. The United States wanted to reduce the drug trafficking through federal policies; however, the drug wars continue to be a problem. The costs to taxpayers were and are enormous due to the expense of more police, increased court personnel to try the drug users and traffickers and more personnel was needed for the prison system to imprison the traffickers and drug users. High school dropout rates increased for black and Hispanic children living in poor neighborhoods and crime rate increased. Federal prisons were and are overcrowded due to increased convicted drug dealers. There were and are fewer employment opportunities when the drug dealers were... ... middle of paper ... ...ugs would possibly get rid of violent criminals and gangs in the drug market and hopefully costs to society would decrease to a more manageable level than in the current model. In summary, the war on drugs is not working presently. The cost to taxpayers in the present state is undeniably a burden to the people and the government of the United States. Obama administration implementing new agencies in parts of other countries supplying the drugs are apparently not working and maybe the U.S. should be thinking outside of the box instead of wasting taxpayers money and resources. Decriminalization of drugs may be the answer to the dilemma. Marijuana is in the process of being legalized in several states so maybe the federal government should pour money and resources into this endeavor instead of wasting their time in the current model. Only time will tell!
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