Types of Serial Killers

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Ted Bundy is an American Serial Killer who made it to the FBI’s top ten most wanted fugitive list. He confessed to 30 homicides of young women between ages 17-25. On many occasions he would bludgeon the victim to death, while they were conscious or asleep. After the incidents he would visit his victim’s corpse several times and apply makeup and nail polish to beautify their decomposing bodies. Also, he would perform necrophilia until the body was too corrupted or decayed. As souvenirs, he would take polaroids of the dead victim, and confessed that he decapitated at least a dozen of his victims and kept their heads in his apartment. Now, this was the operation of serial killer. The neurological make-up of these individuals are interesting because it makes them incapable of human emotions. There are mainly two types; psychopaths and sociopaths, and I’m here to inform you on their differences and similarities Both suffer antisocial personality disorders. It can be due to genetic predisposition or their childhood surroundings. They are also said to be incapable of guilt or remorse for their hurtful actions. Although, serial killers may understand the appropriate way to behave in society, they lack the ability to care about it.
Psychopaths find it hard to maintain a steady job and a shelter. Their outbreaks of violence are impulsive and take high risks to complete the act. This causes them to have a tendency to leave clues behind, making them easier to track down. Richard Trenton Chase, a delusional psychopath suffered from paranoia. He accused his mom of poisoning him so he moved out of her apartment. Then he moved in with his roommate but they left due to his heavy drug use and unstable behavior. Many times he was sent to the hosp...

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...ontrol or possession of the victim, which gives them a sense of authority and power. This feeling alleviates their desires momentarily, but after the need builds up again, they will act upon violence again.
Symptoms of psychopathy and sociopathy disorder can be treated if diagnosed early on. Some common symptoms are excessive cruelty to animals, getting excited by violent performances, and having multiple personalities. Treatment involves medication and mental therapy. Note that the psychopaths and sociopaths discussed pertained to serial killers. Psychopathy and sociopathy are disorders so there is a huge diversity of how each individual is affected by it. People who have these disorders aren’t necessarily violent. Overall, maintaining the mental health of a person is very important because it contributes to the well being of themselves and the society in general.

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