Types of Resident Assistants on Campus

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Being a resident assistant is a tough job. It is a job that has made a stronger and more confident person this past year. It is not a suitable job for students who are afraid of confrontation. There are two types of resident assistants that I have observed. The first type of resident assistant is the one who will give a violation to any resident for the smallest of things. The second type is the one who tries to be friends with everyone and sometimes lets things slide. Finding a balance between the two is somewhat of a rare feat, but can be achieved. There will be times when a resident assistant is required to write someone up whom they consider to be their friend. There is always an ethical choice that comes with autority on whether or not you should turn a person in or to turn a blind eye. This exact sitatution happened with my fellow resident assistant; Kimmy. Resident assistants are required to go on rounds in their assigned dorm buildings around once a week. However, that does not mean that they can't report residents when they are misbehaving at any time during the day. One night when Kimmy was walking down her hallway she noticed that there was a loud commotion going on in one of the rooms on the first floor. Upon knocking on the door Kimmy observed that there were a large amount of people in the room and alcohol was clearly visible. West Chester is a dry campus and because of that no alcohol is allowed anywhere on campus regardless of how old you are. The first step of action is to call public safety since they deal with any alcohol related incidents. Before they come however resident assistants can ask for everyone in the room to present their ID. One of the residents pleaded with Kimmy not to report her or give her a...

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...irteen of the article it states that after people heard what Leyla said at the Senate Banking Committee hearing in Baton Rogue they gave her a standing ovation because the hundreds had been a victim of fraud from Stanford(Beautiful Souls). This shows that people appreciate what others sacrifice for justice. Everyone on my staff appreciates what Kimmy did and we are proud of her. If I learned anything from this entire ethical paper it was that we should always care for everyone whether they care for us or not. We should always strive to be the best that we can possibly be and we should try to help as many people as we can. Something though we are put in situations where we must think about ourselves first and foremost. This may sound somewhat selfish but it is true. I feel as though I am better prepared for the day where I have to make an ethical decision like this.
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