Types of People in Street No. 420

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Street No. 420 - On the run for money and for life’, is about various people who want to make quick and easy money for themselves. There are different kinds of people, some who have a philanthropic nature i.e. such people make a lot of money, but do not mind giving some of it back to society. Then there are others, who are extremely selfish and only want to accumulate wealth for their personal gain. Finally, there are people who amass wealth by illegal means and are harmful to society. Street no. 420 has all three kinds of people. There are two couples, Rich and Riya are the generous couple who want to make money and give back to society. Then there is Don and Alex who are the selfish couple who don’t want to give a dime back to society. Then there is the filthy rich Madame Susan who earns a lot of illegal money from her casino in Bangkok. She doesn’t care about corrupting society and the vices that thrive in her casino. However, she has a five-year-old son whom she cares for deeply and one day her son goes missing. The distraught Madame offers a high reward to the person who brings her son back to her. The reward is the bait that brings all the protagonists of the story together. Rich and Priya are couple who wants to make money and they both are struggling for job. Raj was an unsuccessful hero and he was struggling to get a role in films. He had left his home when he was 18. He needed money in order to pay his bill. Priya needed money to pay for her apartment’s rent. Raj was chilling out near beach and suddenly one child came to him saying ‘papa’, ‘papa’. Priya was reading newspaper and she saw this child with Raj so she went there and told Raj that They first meet when they find the child, both of them are new to the... ... middle of paper ... ...g over every one. But he came back. Then he called every one there to end the suspense and bring the real killer. Then the people started to blame each other. Then akjd told him to relax. He pointed his gun on every one’s face. Then finally he told that the real killers were ben and bela. He already knew the killers but he wanted to play around with this mystery little more! They asked killers why would you do that and they gave answer that they wanted the property of jjvbr and they were tired by seving her. So they diecided to kill her when they get a good chance. They knew it was a good chance to kill soni when no one was there. What happen to the property? Nds ‘s son got property officially and they decided to give money that were taken from the people illegally and they gave reward to eji wrnoin. Married each other. Kasdh adopted the child.

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