Types of Microsoft Windows

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Microsoft Windows formed into many types through its development in software computer. It starts from the basic and simple form of operation system and has an evolution to become complex and sophistic. These are the evolution of Microsoft Windows since the first of its launching in 1985 with Windows 1 until the latest is Windows 8.
• Windows 1
This is the first version of Microsoft Windows. As well known in operation system, Windows 1 was the first operation system that presented the multi tasking technology in Personal Computer. It was launched in 20 November 1985. The feature of this operation system made the user could open many applications in the same time. It showed that at that time, without using multi tasking technology in Personal Computer, users could only operate one application. Although, this version still has many disabilities which made it less famous in the market. Below is the image of Windows 1 that is very simple and based on 16 bit only.

Image 1-Windows 1

• Windows 2
Using the same base as Windows 1, Windows 2 launched at 9 December 1987. It gave more features by presenting graphic application for Microsoft named Microsoft Excel for Windows and Microsoft Word for Windows. These applications could be proceed by MS-DOS through Windows to do the operation and will exit by itself when the application is closed.
Same as Windows 1, Windows 2 could run directly in Floppy Disk and could operate perfectly even the computer is not complete by hard disk. In Windows 2, the feature of Maximize and Minimize was introduced as well known in each Windows application.
Windows 2 used the real mode memory that could only access memory until 1 megabyte. In that configuration, Windows could run the other mul...

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...left side of keyboard. The appearance of Windows 8 was totally different from the other versions before. It also gave Windows Store as the market to buy applications for Windows 8.
Windows 8 was the basic version for the ordinary users with the features above. Then, Windows 8 Pro, gave the same features as Windows 8 but included some function for power user, such as BitLocker, Client Hyper-V, Domain Join, Encrypt File System Supporting Group Policy and Remote Desktop Hosting.
According to the development of computer devices, such as tablet, Windows offered Windows RT as the version of Windows 8 that was only suitable for tablet devices based ARM. Not as the 2 versions before, Windows RT could not run the application designed for desktop computer (x86/x64) and could only operate the application from Windows Store.

Image 14-Windows 8
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