Types of Hunting

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The many great things about hunting are not only the patience of the wilderness and the rush of being so close to wild game. There are many different ways to hunting. I am going to classify the four types of hunting: shotgun, rifle and archery. The reason I am classified this is because most people just think of hunting as a means of enjoyment.
First of all I am going to describe hunting with a shot gun; it is designed to be fired from the hunters shoulder. The shot gun fires a shell that holds all types of loads which is also called shot when buying them from stores they are classified by the size of the shot that is inside the shot gun shell. There are many different varieties of shot guns that are available along with different types of shot guns such as: single-shot, pump-action, and semi-automatic.
Hunting with a shotgun is most popular for bird hunting. When using a shot gun for hunting it is always fired from the shoulder of the hunter. The reasons that shotguns are the most popular for bird hunting is because when a shotgun is fired there are different shot size out at the target, making it much easier to hit a moving target. Such as modified, full, and super full. The most popular bird that is hunting here in Louisiana is ducks and geese. The way that these birds are hunting is in a boat on the water blinds and pit blinds, in fields.
Ducks make a variety of calls. Plus, in many species the call of the hen and drake are different. Thus, there are calls for just about every duck species, and goose species, and they made from different materials such as wood and acrylic. One group is considered as wading hunters, blind hunters or boat hunters. When you are hunting this way a tra...

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... of hunting with a bow such as a cross bow. It is also just like bow hunting but it is used for a disabled person that can’t draw a bow back. It’s just like bow hunting it has the same thing as hunting with a bow. It uses arrows also but it similar to a gun but it shoots arrows with broad heads at the end of the arrows. It shoots like a gun you put it to your shoulder and it fires like a gun but you don’t have the distance a gun has. It is used for shooting big game and small game but only at a shorter distance. It is just as good as a bow or gun if you make your shots count at a shorter distance. At a shorter distance your kill zone is bigger at a longer distance your kill zone is smaller. Its best to wait and be patient with your bow because you don’t have the distance as a gun has got. These are the many different ways of hunting with a shot gun, rifle and a bow.
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