Types Of User Interfaces Are Command Driven

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Three types of user interfaces are command driven, interface menu driven, and interface graphical user interface. A command line interface is basically just a plain screen, usually white text on a black background, such as MS-DOS or the Command Prompt in Windows, where a user can type in commands into the input. As an overall statement, a CLI requires that the user know their material in order for it to be effective. The CLI offers users enormous elasticity in that a single command can be executed with a range of arguments, but the effectiveness is in direct proportion to how many commands and arguments for a command that the user is aware of. Also, the CLI can sporadically present certain actions that are completely unavailable in a GUI. For instance, the DOS command "ren *.txt *.bak" will change the extension of all .TXT files to .BAK, while leaving the filename intact. A batch rename of this type is not possible through the GUI. Lastly, CLI commands and arguments can be used to create scripts, such as a bash shell script or a DOS batch file. If the user knows the exact commands necessary to perform an action, this scripted series of events can be kept to a single executable text file.
The advantages of CLI are that they allow you control every aspect of your computer. Once it is learned properly it is fast. It allows you to do things at different times, such as setting a time for a download script. Everything is located in a central location. CLI is also good for speed if you have a slower computer. Some of the disadvantages of CLI are that is a lot of information to learn, it is not a graphical user interface. Many of the advantages of the interface are mainly for Linux and now for windows.
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...uch more visually instinctive, new users almost always pick up this interface faster than a CLI. Still the most efficient in my opinion would be the CLI. Command line users only need to use their keyboards to navigate the interface. In addition, CLI’S only require a user to execute a few lines to perform a task. GUI’S use a mouse and keyboard to navigate and control and an operating or file system using a GUI is going to be much slower than that of a user working with command line. A computer that is only using the command line takes a lot less of the computer’s systems resources than a GUI. Although a GUI allows a user to create shortcuts, tasks or other similar actions, it doesn’t compare to what is available through a command line. Using a command line interface enables a user to script a sequence of commands to perform a task or execute a program.

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