Types Of Social Work

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“Social Workers help people in all stages of life, from children to the elderly, and from all situations from adoption to hospice care” (Interesting). About 75 percent of social workers say that their job is stressful considering their high stress levels and low wages. As, a reliable website, states, social workers are needed in everyday life to help individuals and communities improve the quality of their life (Definition). Although social workers are vital to a society full of problems, they do not get the funds or support needed. Social workers need to get paid higher and need smaller case loads to do their jobs effectively. There are three main types of social workers. The first type of social worker is known as the Direct Service social worker who connects people and services. These types of social workers mainly work with children and families (Types). Direct service social workers, for example, help a family cope with a loved one, adopting a child, or shifts in their life. They help their clients set goals and help them try to achieve them as well. Direct ...
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