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Social Movements: What Are They and What Makes Them Successful? In the field of sociology, there are various types of social movements that may take place. According to the text, a social movement is “a group of people with a common interest who work together either to change a policy of the government and/or to change how society perceives something” (Henderson, Pg. 39). Ultimately, the primary goal of these movements is to bring about social change. Social movements are frequently categorized by their scope, range and type of change projected target and methods. Some types of social movements include, but are not limited to; alternative, reformative, redemptive, and revolutionary. The specific type of social movement determines what aspect…show more content…
According to the text, the reasons behind joining social movements often fall into three general models; the psychological model, thee resource mobilization model, and the political process and political opportunity model. The psychological model “argues that drastic disruptions in society (i.e., war, economic depression, industrialization) often lead to feelings of confusion and alienation among individual” (Henderson, Pg. 42). In turn, these individuals react to such psychological stress by forming groups in attempts to return society “normal”. The resource and mobilization model argues that “movements emerge when resources in society (i.e., money, people, office space, network of individuals with a shared history or concern) are plentiful” […], “people are willing to join and lead movement; and some elite allies (government officials, church leaders, corporations) are interested in building alliance with the movement” (Henderson, Pg. 42). Finally, the political process and political opportunity model “acknowledges the critical role of resources, leaders and occasionally elite assistance in explaining movement emergence [in addition to favorable political conditions” (Henderson, Pg. 42). Although everyone has their own reasoning for wanting to join social movements, each individual participant of these movements has one thing on common; they want to make a

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