Types Of Relationships, Friends, And Friends

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When it comes to any types of relationships I’m like a deer in headlights. I am never able to tell when someone wants to be my friend, or if they’re interested in me until they just say it. I can count all my relationships on one hand, but that doesn’t mean they ended on good terms. There are many types of relationships, such as acquaintances, friends, and close friends/ intimate. An acquaintance is someone recognized by sight or someone known, though not intimately. We all make acquaintances at school or work. When I first started work at Logan’s I met everyone over the course of a week. I later saw some of them at ABAC because we had some of the same classes and I talked to them and I would say “Hey, how are you? That’s great well I’ll see you later at work.” I’ve worked there for almost two years as much as I would like to call the girls my friends, but I can’t because when the girls go out to places they invite everyone else but if they say they can’t then they’ll ask me and when I agree to go they always seem to cancel on me. No matter how hard I try to turn my acquaintances into my friends it’s a big leap just because you have to have a connection with them and have to be able to relate with them and trust them to keep whatever you tell them in private to keep it a secret because I can’t bring myself to trust just anyone. If you define the term “close friend” it can be defined as someone who you feel comfortable talking to about anything without the fear of be judged, and someone who is always there for you no matter what the situation is at hand. The concept of close friends or best friends is a special to everyone because not everyone can be your best friend. For instance, I have many close friends, but just three best ... ... middle of paper ... ... friends because I didn’t see him like that, this continued for two whole years. He invited me to the movies on March 29, 2015 we were watching insurgent and at the end of the movie he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. I can remember very clearly my hands were sweaty, my heart wanted to burst, and I was scared to say yes, but, said yes, because something told me he wasn’t like the other guys who dated me as a joke and then cheated on me. To this day I 'm so glad I said yes, because I’m truly in love with this person. Hence being in a relationship means to live, to love, to smile, to exist with joy. There is certainly a way to sort out every difference; you just need the will and the faith strong enough, to make the relationship great. You need to remember, that you enter into a relationship to be happy, and you must be whether it’s just as friends or much more.

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